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I wash your head, that your brain and your intellect may be clear and active; your ears, that you may hear the word of the Lord; your eyes, that you may see clearly and discern between truth and error; your nose, that you may smell; your lips, that you may never speak guile; your neck, that it may bear up your head properly; your shoulders, that they may bear the burdens that shall be placed thereon; your back, that there may be marrow in the bones and in the spine; your breast, that it may be the receptacle of pure and virtuous principles; your vitals and bowels, that they may be healthy and strong and perform their proper functions; your arms and hands, that they may be strong and wield the sword of justice in defense of truth and virtue; your loins, that you may be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, that you might have joy and rejoicing in your posterity; your legs and feet, that you might run and not be weary, and walk and not faint.

(Females undergo a similar ritual, attended to by females, which includes the following, "Sister _______, having authority, I wash you preparatory to your receiving your anointings [for and in behalf of _______, who is dead], and whereas you have obeyed the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a true and honest heart, and have been faithful in keeping your covenants, your sins are forgiven and you are clean every whit.

The British channel Sumo TV briefly showed episodes of Naked News, while the free-to-view Playboy One broadcast the show at pm Mondays-Fridays until its closure in 2008.

Naked News launched a Japanese version of the show in 2006.

See Mormon386 Read below what it was like to experience the touching in the initiatory phase of the Mormon temple endowment. The first thing you go through when receiving your endowment for the first time is the washing and anointing.

I have just read on the deconstructor website about the act of naked touching in the temple. You strip naked and are given what is called a "shield" to wear.

He is anointed with scented olive oil from a glass anointing horn.

During the anointing, the body parts are lightly touched as they are mentioned, as was done in the washing.

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Their audition feature, where amateur women try out for the program, is one of their most popular segments and generates the most feedback from its viewers.I wash your head that your brain and your intellect may be clear and active in discerning between truth and error, and that you may be filled with the spirit of the Lord..." etc.) Two temple workers then place their hands upon the patrons head and one of them recites the Confirmation of the Washing.CONFIRMATION OF THE WASHING Brother _______, having authority, we lay our hands upon your head [for and in behalf of _______(patron and then temple worker read name of deceased), who is dead], and seal upon you this washing, that you may become clean from the blood and sins of this generation through your faithfulness, in the name of Jesus Christ. The patron then steps through a veiled partition into another part of the booth where he sits upon a chair.The parts of the body include the head, each ear, the eyes (I think it was across the brow), nose (bridge), lips, neck (nape), shoulders, back, breast (center of chest if I remember right), arms and hands (touch in one motion along length of each arm), vitals and bowels (point on the side, I think), loins, legs and feet (touch in one motion along length of each leg).

The loins are supposed to be done by touching the side of the person parallel to their genitals, but more than one man has reported that perverted temple workers directly rubbed down the front of their penises. I had put out of my mind that silly, cultish ceremony. After showing his Temple Recommend to a worker stationed near the entrance inside the building, the patron repairs to the mens dressing area, where he is assigned a private locker (dividers and a door ensure privacy).(If you don't believe me, run out into the street with nothing one but a blanket over your head and see if they don't try to charge you with indecent exposure.) The washing and anointing both consist of various parts of the body being touched by the fingertips of the temple worker performing the ordinance.