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Oroville reminds us that we need to upgrade our infrastructure and our management to move water more wisely.”Confident that a series of incoming storms won’t overwhelm the Oroville reservoir a second time, state officials said Thursday that they would slow drainage of the lake so they can do work on an adjacent power plant.The reservoir exceeded its capacity over the weekend, which sent water overflowing into an unlined, emergency spillway.Matlock was identified as the ATV driver and arrested on suspicion of burglary, vehicle theft and looting during an emergency, officials said.Officials at Lake Oroville reduced the rate of water release once again Friday as workers continued make repairs to a damaged spillway and clear debris from a hydroelectric plant.Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) said he was told the repairs were "temporary." "This cannot be a case of put rocks in the spillway and it is taken care of," he said.Before evacuees returned home Tuesday afternoon, a woman cared for kangaroos, zebras and other animals left behind by residents.Tailed by state Department of Water Resources employees who became suspicious, Matlock ran away when his vehicle got stuck on railroad tracks, investigators said.The ATV, the trailer and the gun safe had all been stolen, officials said.

State officials have remained focused on quick fixes at the dam needed to prevent catastrophic flooding, but some already are thinking about how the crisis could spur long-term shifts in policy.That overflow badly eroded an emergency spillway and sent debris flowing into a pool at the bottom, forcing the closure of an underground hydroelectric plant.“This reduction in flow will allow us to work on the debris pile in the spillway,” Croyle told reporters at a news conference.He estimated that 150,000 cubic yards of sediment and debris were in the pool.Residents were allowed to return home Tuesday afternoon after officials said the risk of flooding had diminished.

Speaking on the House floor Tuesday, La Malfa said the soil in front of the emergency spillway must be stabilized with rock and concrete."It looks good," he said. We also need prayer for no more rain for a while."After meeting privately with emergency officials on Tuesday, state Sen.

The other focus by workers at the dam is the eroded emergency spillway, Croyle said.