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When you remove his robes, calm him by explaining exactly what you will be doing.

[…] An acolyte may be very beautiful but insensitive to love. Stroke his penis, massage his chest, and then gradually move your had to the area of his ass.

Aside from physical beauty, the ideal chigo possessed grace, nobility and cultured achievements, particularly in music and poetry; many of the chigo love stories cast the boy as a son of an aristocratic family, the eminence of his background providing a rationale for his abilities.

Traditionally, the origin of Japanese (literally “male color”, with “color” having the implication of erotic appeal, and therefore generally translated “male love”) is ascribed to Chinese influence.

Mentions of love affairs between monks and chigo occur from the 13th century at least; the collections contains five scurrilous stories, with suitably filthy illustrations, all on the topic of chigo who take pity on men, not their masters, who desire them, and relieve their admirers’ suffering by letting themselves be screwed senseless.

The first and longest story comes in two versions: the first, told through the main text, is of a devoted chigo of an elderly monk who undergoes elaborate precoital preparations to ensure that his enfeebled master can achieve penetration.

One of the longest is ( “A Long Tale for an Autumn Night”, before 1377), the subject of a beautiful set of 14th century handscrolls.

The monk Keikai of Mt Hiei has a dream of a beautiful boy, and the following day espies just such a boy in the grounds of the rival temple of Miidera: [H]e saw a youth of about sixteen.

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He points out that one’s status as chigo is temporary, only four or five years; boys should make the most of it.He was wearing a gossamer robe embroidered with a design of waves and fishes over an undergarment of pale crimson, the skirts of which fell long and gracefully from his slender hips.Evidently unaware that he was being watched, the boy came out from behind the bamboo screen into the garden and broke a spray of blossoms from a branch which hung low as though heavily laden with snow.By the 14th century there were a number of legends crediting Kukai (posthumously dubbed Kobo Daishi, or “great teacher transmitting the Dharma”), founder of the Shingon (“true word”) sect of esoteric Buddhism, with importing nanshoku along with religious doctrine upon his return from China in 806.

Kukai himself is often depicted in religious iconography as a chigo, which seems appropriate.

To such a boy, show your sincerity by being somewhat shy.